Why Everyone Should Be in Therapy

Why Everyone Should Be in Therapy

Seeing a therapist regularly is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The same way we workout or go to the gym to maintain our physical condition, therapy is a tool that we can use to maintain our mental and emotional state. It's a practice that can help us process our thoughts and feelings properly rather than dealing with all of that internally. Sometimes just the act of talking through something can change our perspective or bring a sense of relief to a particular situation that we're going through.

A common belief in therapeutic settings is “Honesty is the cornerstone of recovery”, everything starts here. If we introspect, deep inside ourselves, from an honest perspective, we will find many core issues to work through. Each individual’s life consists of trauma in some form or another. Some people have unconcealed trauma, where it is often easier to treat despite the hardships one may have endured; Others' core issues are deeply rooted beneath a myriad of layers and require serious treatment and motivation to overcome these challenges. Sometimes it is a mixture of both. On the flip side, someone’s life journey may not have sustained any obvious traumas or suffering but may have other interpersonal or emotional challenges, minor behavioral difficulties, or just a feeling of wanting someone to talk to.

Therapy is different for everyone, but everyone should be in therapy. Our lives impact us in ways that end up effecting our ability to function our very best and our effectiveness in given situations. Issues that we tend to bury deep inside us make digging those up an inconceivable task to traverse alone. Which is why whether it is miscommunication that is negatively impacting your relationships, having trouble navigating certain situations, or the overall feeling of having space for growth in your happiness levels, no matter the reason, working with a therapist is the beginning step of carving the path to developing tools and techniques that serve you when you need them most.

There are times when people believe they can solve their own problems. In many cases they are right. Changing a tire, ironing a shirt, and fixing a leaky faucet are examples of things that you can solve on your own but there’s wisdom in knowing the things you don’t, and that’s why we have mechanics, dry cleaners, and plumbers available to help you. For that same reason, it is important to understand that we don’t always have the answers, oftentimes we don’t even know the questions to ask. How then could you expect to work through some issues alone?

In the beginning of your therapeutic journey there will be a lot to learn as you practice using new tools effectively and understanding more of yourself in a new way. Over the course of time, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable and ready to face the challenges ahead. As is clear, life is full of challenges, yet it is how you choose to respond to those challenges that will determine your happiness in life.

It is important to remember that everyone has an opinion. Some people will be skeptical of therapy, while others understand its value. No matter what, it is a decision you must make for yourself. It is equally as important to allow yourself a fair chance to see it work for you. Which is why it is recommended to stay consistent for as long as possible. There’s no doubt that it will feel uncomfortable like the first day of school, and no doubt that it will be challenging at times, but as long as you believe that you deserve happiness (which you absolutely do!) in life, you will be on your way to achieving the life you set for yourself.

Doppler therapy is unlike other therapy. We believe in a calm, mindful approach that allows you to navigate the journey at your pace, in a welcoming setting that is in the comfort of your own home. We believe that to effectively work through personal challenges, it’s best to avoid the cold, clinical atmosphere of a clinician's office, Instead of feeling like a patient, you feel like a partner. We help make it easy to get started and begin this new chapter in life that ultimately provides you with more peace of mind and self-love.

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